Statement gällande

Statement gällande European Electronic Communications code och dess implikationer

Statement on the European Electronic Communications code and its implications – World Childhood Foundation works to end sexual abuse, exploitation and violence against children.

As member of the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights we are concerned about the potential negative implications on child safety when the European Electronic Communications Code takes legal effect. For this reason, we much welcome the efforts to establish an interim legislation to protect the current voluntary use of technical tools to detect and remove online child sexual abuse material.

We follow closely the recent development and discussions within the European Union and sincerely hope that a solution is found in which the respect of personal privacy does not come at the expense of the protection of children. 

In the global pandemic we see worrying signs of increase in both numbers and severity of online child sexual abuse material. With the world´s eyes now on the European Union, it is absolutely critical that the fight against child sexual abuse does not lose ground but instead gains traction.

Stockholm, December 3 2020

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